Cook together with a friend, relative, or loved one and be transported to the magical isle of Sardina for food and fun.

Embrace the history and elegant simplicity of one of the most rich and fertile places on Earth where people live La Dolce Vita. You will learn the art of making traditional malloreddus gnocchi by hand, and pair it with unique Sardinian classical dishes and wine.


Malloredus Gnocchi, Seafood Fregola with Saffron, Culurgiones, Seadas

Wine pairing may be included. Must be 21+ and show valid ID to partake in any wine tasting.


Persons 17 and under are not permitted .

Refund Policy:

Refunds are available up to 72 hours before the event. After that we will be able to transfer the cost of the ticket to another future event. If the substitute class cost more you will be responsible for the difference.