You may have never been to Greece but you'll feel like you have, after you finish the foods of your labor in this hands-on cooking class.

Join Gourmand Award Winning Chef Maria Benardis as you explore and learn to make a selection of modern, classic and ancient Greek dishes from mainland Greece and the islands and you'll have all that you need to try this meal at home the week after. In this hands-on class, Maria Benardis will travel your taste buds around Greece. With her guidance, food wisdom, history and lively storytelling you will work your way through an authentic three-course Greek menu, making each dish completely from scratch and using only the freshest ingredients of Greek cuisine.


Greek Village Salad (“Greek salad”), Spanakopita (Spinach and Feta Filo Pies), BBQ Greek style lamb with pomegranate salsa, Baklava with honeyed yoghurt